Transfer of corporate ownership and M&A

Corporate Check-up

  • Planning of the selling process of the company identifying any critical issues
  • Defining the first steps toward the corporate ownership transfer process
  • Defining the appropriate strategy for addressing the transfer of ownership as well as corporate and private taxation issues

Due diligence

  • Due diligence management in company acquisition projects
  • Targeted due diligence procedures to address tax-related issues or specific corporate areas (personnel, VAT etc.)

Corporate Valuations

  • Determination of the market value of a company or of a division of the same
  • Corporate valuations and specific consultancy on inheritance planning
  • Valuation of companies in accordance with the DCF [Discounted Cash Flow] method

Transfer of Corporate Ownership

  • Succession planning and assistance at all its stages
  • Corporate valuations and specific consultancy on inheritance planning
  • Consultancy on shareholders’ agreements and agreements between heirs as to succession
  • Consultancy with regard to MBI (management-buy-in) deals, MBO (management-buy-out) deals, and other forms of transfer
  • Assistance with legal and fiscal issues in all corporate ownership transfer processes

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Assistance at all stages of “merger and acquisition” processes
  • Assistance with M&A and contracts (letters of intent, MOUs, Binding offers, transfer agreements)
  • Active search of purchasers (brokerage agreements)