Public bodies and associations

Public Financing and Accounting

  • Bookkeeping on behalf of municipalities, consortiums, patriciates, public service companies and other public law entities
  • Consultancy and assistance with the drawing up of final financial statements and the preparation of budgets
  • Auditing for public bodies
  • Preparation of financial plans and liquidity planning
  • Payroll administration
  • Consultancy on VAT issues
  • Sustainability reports for public investments

Municipal administration and organization

  • Analysis, organization and optimization of the administrative organization
  • Collaboration with and/or substitution of municipal secretaries and/or engineers within municipal administration
  • Drawing-up of job descriptions, analysis of powers and responsibilities, preparation of organization charts and workflows
  • Drawing-up and/or review of the regulations for municipalities or consortium entities (municipal regulations, comprehensive regulations applying to employees, municipal ordinances, etc.)
  • Consultancy on spatial planning and computerized land management
  • Expropriation procedures, standard building procedures (LE) [Building Act] and/or special building procedures under federal law and notices
  • Procedures for the collection of contributions to improvements and dealing with complaints

Other mandates for specific consultancy to public authorities

  • Support and assistance with the drafting of municipal aggregation projects
  • Transformation of public service bodies into private law entities
  • Assistance with critical decisions on special projects