Corporate consultancy and accounting services

Corporate Consultancy

  • Financial planning (Business Plan)
  • Drawing up of budgets, liquidity planning
  • Administrative and organizational consultancy, including coaching
  • Investment analyses and funding approach
  • Assistance during negotiations with credit institutions
  • Consultancy on the sale of businesses and business transformation
  • Analysis of the strategic positioning and strategic renewal within company reorganizations
  • Market research

Accounting Services and Salaries

  • General bookkeeping, including accounts payable and receivable and annual closing of accounts
  • Interim reports (quarterly and/or half-yearly)
  • VAT reports
  • Payroll accounting, payroll and personnel administration, social security computations
  • Analytical accounting and cost analysis
  • Staff replacement in the accounting, financial and administrative sectors
  • Fulfilment of mandates for the administration of companies
  • Fulfilment of mandates to act as liquidators and receivers in arrangements with creditors
  • Bankruptcy receivership and out-of-court arrangement procedures