Audits and expert reports

Ordinary and restricted auditing of annual financial statements, special audits

  • Ordinary and restricted auditing of annual financial statements pursuant to Sections 727 et seq. of the CO [Swiss Code of Obligations]
  • Auditing for public bodies
  • Auditing for social security institutions
  • Special audits in the course of incorporations and capital increase and decrease operations
  • Special audits under the new legislation governing mergers
  • Auditing of annual financial statements drawn up pursuant to the Swiss GAAP FER [the Accounting and Reporting Recommendations]
  • Consultancy on the implementation of internal control systems (ICS) and on risk management
  • Consultancy on the drawing up of annual financial statements in accordance with international accounting principles

Court, out-of-court and insurance expert reports

  • Disputes within arbitration proceedings and issues related to economic crime
  • Value determination (valuation of companies, part of the assets, real estate)
  • Insurance expert reports (work interruption, incapacity for work, etc.)
  • Over-indebtedness issues